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The US Post Office Will be History

post office

For the past months, the struggling U.S. Postal Service has had trouble putting money aside for its future retiree health benefits. Unlike other government agencies and function from tax payer funds, the Postal Service solely relies on its sales from stamps and other products. However, it has lost billions of dollars in revenue as consumers move to online communications.…

Ways To Save $100,000


The Right Mindset

Saving for $100,000 is not easy task. You need to be goal oriented and keep your eye on the prize. Saving could start from reducing that daily Starbucks habit or taking a bus to work.

 Create Short-Term Achievable Goals

The earlier you start and the smaller the amounts are when you first start, then you’ll know you have started covering the distance of a long journey.…

Job Opportunity Looking On a Brighter Side Since 2008


Looks like more Americans are finding jobs because the number of them lining up at the unemployment dropped to the lowest level since 2008.

Economists polled by Reuters expect the employment report will show the U.S. economy added 203,000 jobs last month, notching up a fourth straight month of solid job gains.

That would mark the longest stretch of monthly employment gains topping 200,000 since 1999.…

Apple will be worth over $1000 a share by 2013


Cant Believe it? Believe it, and China has something to do with it.

Apple will be over $1000 by introducing a TV within a year, as well as an upgraded iPhone that works with speedier wireless networks. China Mobile Ltd. (941), the Asian country’s largest wireless network, will start carrying the iPhone within a year, White said, adding millions of new potential customers.…

Best CD Account Rates of the Week (4/2/2012 – 4/7/2012)

cit bank cd rate

With uncertainty in the stock market and commodities, it’s good to know you can still turn to a CD account to get some safe yields. For those who don’t know, CD accounts are among the safest investments. In fact, they are insured by the FDIC from all losses. Simply check to see what the yield is on a CD and how long you have to deposit your money for – early withdrawals will result in penalties so only invest money you don’t need in the short term.…

Facebook Is Getting Ready to Go Public


Facebook is setting the state for its IPO.

Facebook has asked private exchanges to halt trading of the privately held company’s shares Friday. Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, and Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman will lead the marketing of the IPO, with founder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg playing a smaller role, said Sam Hamadeh, head of PrivCo, a research firm specializing in the financials of private companies.…

You Can Strike It Rich With The New Gold Rush


You dont need to go to the river banks to strike it rich. Instead  invest in gold. The huge rally in gold is expected to continue, with it being $2,000 an ounce well within the next decade. Commodities in general are a good place to invest in. Why you may ask? Jim Rogers said one reason gold will continue to rise is because of the failed policies in the Federal Reserve and
other government officials.…

Best Time To Buy a Home in 5 Years

Rising Property Prices

America is getting back on its feet. Home sales are slowly picking up.  The stronger job market have helped increase real estate sales.  This has been the best winter in five years since the housing crisis and the sales pace in January was the highest since May 2010.  ” The economic environment is perfect for home sales to keep rising”.…

How To Prepare For Next Tax Season


Are you relaxed now that you have filed for your taxes? But don’t  get too relaxed. Before you take that tax refund and go shopping for that new 60″ plasma or those pair of high heels you’ve wanted, here are some steps you can take to stay ahead of the curve for next tax season.

Your withholding is the money that comes out of your paycheck every two weeks or so to cover your taxes.…

Apple Can Make You Rich


Today, Apple has decided to return some if its $100 billion in cash reserves to its shareholders by paying quarterly dividend and buying back stock.  Last time Apple paid a dividend to its investors was in 1995, just before Steve Jobs returned to the company.  Mr Job’s argument against paying dividends was to use the liquid assets to invest in the company’s supply chain, retail stores, research and the occasional acquisition of a company or two.…