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Amazon Kindle Fire May Outsell Apple iPad 2

amazon kindle fire beats ipad 2


Financial News Story of the Day – Amazon’s Kindle Fire May Oust iPad 2 This Holiday Season

The Amazon Kindle Fire may out do even Apple’s mighty iPad 2 according to a survey by Retrevo, an online shopping guide. As consumers are looking for cheaper tablet alternatives that still deliver big on user experience and quality this holiday shopping season, it comes as no surprise that demand for the $199 Kindle Fire is so high. Compare that to the $499 price tag of the cheapest iPad 2 model and you’ll see why people are excited by Amazon’s offering (source:

Excerpt: “Retrevo, an online shopping guide, said it had done a survey showing that of people interested in having a tablet computer, 44 percent could consider buying the Fire, while just 12 percent said they were only interested in the iPad, which has been the market leader up to now.”

Personal Finance Tip of the Day – Small Changes Can Add Up

I read an interesting blog post over at where he stressed the importance of implementing large strategies one small step at a time. It makes sense that many people are failing on their financial goals due to taking dramatic measures that never really work out in the end – cutting up credit cards, giving up on dining out completely, going without health care, etc (source:

Excerpt: “Small changes in our personal life whether diet; habits or relationships will make your life better. Change is difficult for most of us, but small changes can easily slip through and you can adapt easily.”

Daily Finance Summary – Greece, Spain and Italy Compete for Europe’s Worst Award

The debt turmoil in Europe gets worse and worse each day as Greece, Spain and Italy seem to be competing daily for the Europe’s Worst Economy Award. One minute it’s Spain’s bond ratings and the next it’s Italy’s debt debacle. And just when you think it’s over, Greece pull something to make it worthy of the prize. In other financial news, U.S. stocks were down while the IMF looked to China as Europe’s savior.

Quick Question: Would you buy the Amazon Kindle Fire over the iPad 2?

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