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Apple will be worth over $1000 a share by 2013


Cant Believe it? Believe it, and China has something to do with it.

Apple will be over $1000 by introducing a TV within a year, as well as an upgraded iPhone that works with speedier wireless networks. China Mobile Ltd. (941), the Asian country’s largest wireless network, will start carrying the iPhone within a year, White said, adding millions of new potential customers.

Also, since Steve Jobs death the company’s stock has risen more than 60 percent.

“Steve Jobs’s health was such a fear that was hanging over the stock,” White said in an interview. “Now you’ve seen that Tim Cook is doing a good job.”

Why will the stock go so high? Because Apple’s iPhone and Mac computers till have low market share which gives it room to grow. There will possibly be IPads with smaller screen sizes which will be a bigger competition with other tablets.

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