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Olympus Stock Drops 44% After Company’s First American President Exits

olympus stock drops

Financial News Story of the Day – Olympus Stock Plummets

Olympus, a famous Japanese imaging and medical devices company, sees its stock drop 44% since letting go of its first American President, Michael C. Woodford. According to reports, Woodford asked the entire board to step down and blew the whistle on a number of the company’s questionable decisions with shareholder money. In recent reports, Olympus may even be tied to the Japanese Yakuza (Source:

Excerpt: “The Tokyo-based maker of endoscopes and cameras plunged 44 percent, the biggest drop in at least 37 years, since President Michael C. Woodford was fired by the board last week after calling for a probe of company payments made to advisers.”

Personal Finance Tip of the Day – Huge Career Boost Through Small Tests

One of my favorite financial bloggers, Ramit Sethi, teaches you how to use small tests in the work place to achieve large career wins. This is especially important for job hunters in today’s tough economy (source:

Excerpt: “For example, top performers I know are constantly testing every aspect of their careers:

  • The job hunt: Am I talking to the right people? Is my resume as good as it could be? Are my outreach emails perfect?
  • At work: Am I making enough? How do I know? How can I get more responsibility?
  • Broad career: Am I making a big enough impact? What are my peers doing?”

Daily Finance Summary – Yahoo Buyout and Debt Issues

In today’s financial news, Microsoft is looking to purchase Yahoo. Australia and Europe’s debt concerns caused stocks in Asia and the U.S. to fall. Apple missed analyst estimates on weaker than anticipated sales of the iPhone 4s.

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