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Unemployment Rates by Major: Architects are Suffering Most

2010 unemployment rates by major


Financial News Story of the Day – Study Shows Architecture Majors Have Highest Unemployment Rates

Unemployment rates among architects is the highest of any occupation according to a Georgetown study on recent grads. The study looked at recent unemployment data from 2009-2010, revealing that architects are getting the short end of the stick in this recession due to a lower demand in construction. After all, buildings take massive amounts of funding to be constructed. And which sectors are doing well? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the education and health care industries are faring very well, being funded mainly by the federal government. With both tuition and health care rates growing to insane levels year over year, I certainly see another government-funded bubble that’s due to burst. The last bubble, housing, was due to low Fed lending rates and unregulated lending practices allowed by the government (source:

Excerpt: “Health care workers with just a bachelor’s for example, have lower unemployment rates than graduate degree holders in nearly every other field.”

Daily Finance Summary – Unemployment, Yahoo and the Big 3

  • Unemployment rates continue to remain steady at uncomfortable levels in a crucial election year
  • Yahoo names former Paypal president Scott Thompson as CEO
  • The Big 3 out of Detroit improved their market share for the first time since 1988
  • Camera company Kodak is ready to file for bankruptcy, causing shares to crash

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