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Warren Buffett Challenges All Republican Senators to Help Pay Down America’s Debt

warren buffett challenges republicans


Financial News Story of the Day – Warren Buffett to Match Every Dollar Republican Senators Contribute to Debt Problem

Warren Buffett has just slapped all Republicans in the Senate and single-handedly challenged them to a duel by offering to contribute more to taxes, matching every dollar the senators themselves contribute to help America’s debt issues.…

Kodak and Hostess: A Tale of Two Bankruptcies

kodak and hostess bankrupt


Financial News Story of the Day – Kodak and Hostess: Life After Bankruptcy

Kodak and Hostess are just two of many companies that have filed for bankruptcy this past year, including SAAB, American Airlines, MF Global and many others. Serious recessions understandably have stronger impacts on companies with already weakened businesses. Kodak is reportedly restructuring its business and getting rid of its film business to focus on digital products for both consumers and businesses, including digital printers.…

Verizon Wireless to Charge $2 for Credit Card Payments. Will Retract Due to Protests in 5, 4, 3, 2…

verizon $2 credit card payment charge


Financial News Story of the Day – Verizon to Charge $2 Per Credit Card Payment

Verizon Wireless is about to face a storm of protests thanks to its new $2 charges each time a customer uses a credit card or debit card to make a monthly payment. To be fair to the phone carrier, the charge only applies when you use your credit card to make one time payments.…

A New Hope for Student Loan Debt Reform

student loan reform hope


Financial News Story of the Day – Students More Protected from Predatory Lending Practices

Student loan debt might very well be the next bubble to pop following housing. Today, President Barack Obama announced that Richard Cordray will head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a different type of government agency tasked with protecting consumers from predatory lending.…

Unemployment Rates by Major: Architects are Suffering Most

2010 unemployment rates by major


Financial News Story of the Day – Study Shows Architecture Majors Have Highest Unemployment Rates

Unemployment rates among architects is the highest of any occupation according to a Georgetown study on recent grads. The study looked at recent unemployment data from 2009-2010, revealing that architects are getting the short end of the stick in this recession due to a lower demand in construction.…

2012 Super Bowl TV Spots Sold Out for NBC


Financial News Story of the Day – NBC Sells All Super Bowl Ad Spots

Those Super Bowl TV spots everyone loves talking about the Monday after the big game are all sold out as corporate sponsors hungrily paid large amounts for a chance to showcase their best commercials. It’s no secret that the Super Bowl is a big chance to make a splash, as a great commercial can go viral and the brand behind it can potentially be talked about for weeks.…

Saab is Officially Bankrupt

saab bankrupt


Financial News Story of the Day – Saab Files for Bankruptcy

Swedish car maker Saab is bankrupt and has filed for bankruptcy protection in court. Saab was most recently owned by General Motors, who blocked any potential buyers from purchasing the troubled company in fear that its competitors in markets like China could gain access to valuable patents and technologies.…

Dow Jones Rockets Up +337 Points on Euro News and Strong Economic Data

us stocks skyrocket december 2011


Financial News Story of the Day – Dow Jones and S&P 500 Skyrocket Up 3% Each

The Dow Jones is up over +337 points and the S&P 500 also gained nearly +36 points in what has been the best trading day for U.S. stocks in the month of December, 2011. Both indexes jumped by 3% on strong economic data in the U.S.…

Kim Jong Il is Dead

kim jong il dead


Financial News Story of the Day – N. Korea’s Kim Jong Il is Dead

Pyongyang, N. Korea’s capital city, was in a state of mourning after the death of its ruler Kim Jong Il. The man many believed to be a dictator ruled the communist country for 17 years, where reports of starvation and an iron clad rule were the norm.…

Gold Loses 5% and Drops Below $1600 per Ounce for the First Time in 3 Months

gold price 2011


Financial News Story of the Day – Gold Chases Euro Down Below $1600 an Ounce

Gold prices have fallen lately as the coveted metal dropped below $1600 an ounce for the first time in 3 months. It seemed as if gold was a rocket ship for the majority of this year, climbing and climbing as the Federal Reserve pumped more money into the system via quantitative easing and devaluing the dollar.…