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MF Global’s Jon Corzine May Have Lied to Congress While $1.2 Billion Remains Missing

jon corzine mf global


Financial News Story of the Day – Former MF Global CEO Corzine May Have Lied to Congress About Missing Funds

MF Global, a now bankrupt investment firm, is all over the news recently as its bankruptcy led to the discovery of $1.2 billion of client money that is now gone. Former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine testified before Congress stating that he was unaware of the location of the missing money and any misuse of client funds.…

Zynga on Track for Biggest Internet IPO in History Behind Google

zynga $1 billion IPO


Financial News Story of the Day – Zynga Prepares for $1 Billion IPO

The Zynga $1 billion IPO that everyone’s been wondering about might actually happen thanks to CEO Mark Pincus. Zynga is famous for producing online games for Facebook (which is planning its own IPO) such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars, which attracted nearly 7 billion paying customers in the first 9 months of 2011.…

How to Donate on a Smaller Budget This Christmas

donate on a budget


Personal Finance Tip of the Day – Donating This Christmas on a Smaller Scale

If you’re pondering whether or not you should donate to those less fortunate this Christmas, you should. Whether you make a lot or a little, odds are there is someone or some cause that can greatly benefit from your contributions. If you’re struggling to get by yourself, that’s a different story, however.…

Recession, What Recession? Albert Pujols Signs 10-Year $254 Million Deal with Angels

albert pujols $254 million contract


Financial News Story of the Day – Albert Pujuols Signs 2nd Best Baseball Contract at $254 Million

Albert Pujols just signed a monster $254 million deal with the Anaheim Angels, leaving behind his beloved fans and the St. Louis Cardinals. With all the NBA lockout talk, you’d think that there was an actual recession going on.…

PacSun to Close 200 Stores and Borrow $160 Million to Stay Afloat

pacsun closes 200 stores


Financial News Story of the Day – Teen Clothing Retailer PacSun Closes Stores and Recapitalizes

PacSun, a California-based clothing company targeting teens, has announced it will be closing 200 stores. A weakness in their product offering and low store performances in malls across the U.S. has caused the company to suffer from dismal results for the past 3 years.…

Citigroup to Eliminate 4,500 Jobs…Merry Christmas?

Financial News Story of the Day – Citi Cuts 4,500 Jobs

Citigroup plans to eliminate about 1.5% of its employees, representing 4,500 jobs, according to CEO Vikram Pandit. CEO’s don’t really seem to do that much other than living it up when things are good and firing people when things are bad – ever heard of saving for a rainy day?…

How to Pay for a Vet Bill You Can’t Afford

how to pay pet vet bill


Personal Finance Tip of the Day – How to Pay for Your Pet’s Vet Bill

I just read an awesome post on DebtKid.com about how you can pay for a pet’s medical/vet bills if you really can’t afford it so I had to share. A friend of mine recently got into some trouble when his dog got sick right on Thanksgiving.…

Why Billionaire Investor George Soros Thinks We are in a Deflationary Death Trap

george soros deflation death trap


Financial News Story of the Day – George Soros Thinks Global Financial System Near Collapse

Billionaire investor George Soros thinks the global financial system is near collapsing. Among the things Soros mentioned was that developed countries are in a “deflationary death trap” and that the financial system was in a process of “self-reinforcing process of disintegration.” Ouch.…

Everybody Loves…Yahoo?

yahoo buyout alibaba


Financial News Story of the Day – Yahoo Buyout More Likely by the Day

Yahoo, the internet search giant that notoriously passed on a Microsoft buyout of $31 a share, is set to make news again as new suitors are preparing to acquire the company. According to inside rumors, Alibaba, Softbank Corp, Blackstone and Bain Capital might make a run at buying Yahoo together.…

Study: We’re Not Even Half Way Through the Foreclosure Crisis

foreclosure crisis halfway through


Financial News Story of the Day – 4 Million Home Loans Still in Foreclosure Risk

The housing market just received more bad news as a new foreclosure study by the Center for Responsible Lending predicts that we’re not even half way through the foreclosure crisis. The study, “Lost Ground, 2011,” estimates that 2.7 million homes have been foreclosed on while another 4 million remain in danger.…