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How to Donate on a Smaller Budget This Christmas

donate on a budget


Personal Finance Tip of the Day – Donating This Christmas on a Smaller Scale

If you’re pondering whether or not you should donate to those less fortunate this Christmas, you should. Whether you make a lot or a little, odds are there is someone or some cause that can greatly benefit from your contributions. If you’re struggling to get by yourself, that’s a different story, however. I just read a great and inspiring post over at that talks about how you can donate even on a small scale, even if you have no money!

They recommend some creative ways for you to donate even if you don’t have cash, which is what is important to most people. For example, you can donate rewards points you’ve earned to a charity or use coupons to get cheap items that you can give away. Remember that donating is also a good way to teach children about the importance of sharing. Even a few dollars here or there can add up if everyone thought this way (source:

Excerpt: “Take Advantage of Free Money – I love Swagbucks because you can use the site as an Internet search engine and earn points doing something you would do any way. You can redeem those points for a variety of prizes, but the one I like best is Pay Pal deposits.”

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